Saturday, September 13, 2014

Need extra money to help pay those unexpected Bills

#Unexpected Bills

It has been hard over the last few years. First it was Covid then the horrible fuel prices and now it is all the interest charge increases.

I really do not know how some people have coped unless two people in the household are working.  Even then a lot of people have already lost jobs and even lost their home which they fought hard to buy in the first place.

Yes the banks are clapping their hands, they really do not care how many people are suffering. Young families are living in their cars or with friends or families if they are lucky to have those choices.  Many others have been turfed out onto the street.

Lack of rentals in Australia have not helped.

#Reduce your power Bill

Turn off all electrical appliances when not in use. Yes this can be frustrating, although it will save your money.

#Water Rates and usage

Check for leaks- yes I know I don't mean you have to dig up your garden, Just turn off the taps the go to your water meter and listen for any sounds.

Water your garden at night.  That way the plants can enjoy the water without it evaporating in the hot sun during the day.
Add shade cloths where possible and keep pot plants in the shade.

#Keep track of your expenses

Consolidate your debts: 
Look for cheaper options on insurances, power bills, registrations before paying the next bill.

 Eat at home.  Be frugal, Look for cheaper cuts of meat.  Shop later in the afternoon when they markdown the prices.  This can save you heaps.  check this out HERE


Cook enough for two or three nights then freeze the extras into plastic reusable containers.
If you have a big oven do not cook pies, then another time heat up something else.
Learn how to cook several meals at once.  This will save you more on your electricity bill.

Another way to earn money is to join Amazon Affiliates.  All you have to do is write articles on your Web page or a blog like this which include links to Amazon products just like this one below.

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#Earn Money from Amazon

If you join the Amazon affiliates program and people, click on a link in your web page and buy something you earn money.  How simple is that? of course it does not happen overnight, like anything it does take time.


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