Sunday, January 16, 2011

Earn a Continuous Income at Home - No Capital Required

If you have a computer and an internet connection then you too can earn a continuous income from home with no capital required. No this is not a scam nor a quick get rich scheme it is a legitimate way to earn money at home, if you do not have a lot of spare time it doesn’t matter each article that you write will mature and start earning money over time.

Anyone can earn money from home by writing articles on things you have learnt throughout your lifetime. Whether it was how to feed a baby, grow beautiful flowers or fresh vegetables, ideas on how to do anything at all or even share your grandmothers’ favorite recipes.

The beauty of earning money from writing is that you write an article and then as it matures you start to earn money from it. Each article will show adverts on the page, when someone clicks on the ad you will earn a percentage from Google Adsense.

Starting a new part-time career at home

That is not the end to the story it is the start of your new career. You will continue to earn from that same article for ten to twenty years or as long as the site that you write for is still in operation. In fact your article can earn you a passive income while you sleep without you having to do a single thing. This is even better than superannuation and it does not stop there.

What type of articles can I write?

You need to continue writing articles on any subject at all. The more good quality and good content articles you write the more you earn. Write articles on subjects that people are looking to learn something new from.

How to or DIY articles

How to reupholster furniture inexpensively
Learn how to make your own trundle bed

Pet Articles
Look after your True Mate dogs Blue Heelers
Buy the right Bird Cages

Health articles
Symptoms of mold allergies that appear like a cold
Elmore Oil-Arthritis pain relief

Travel Articles
Travel to Western Australia and visit towns in the south like Bunbury
Cooking bush Tucker when camping

Craft articles

Download free Sewing patterns and give as gifts
Wine Barrel Furniture for Home Garden and patio Entertaining
Download Free Woodworking Plans


Pros and Cons of Buying Electric Ceramic Glass Hotplate stove

Learn How to Grow Orchids

That should give you an idea of what type of articles that you can write information about. Make sure that each article you write is written to the best of your ability and always spell check it before uploading. Do not rely on spell checks alone. It is a good idea to save the article that you have written and then reread it the next day when your mind is fresh, quite often you will see mistakes that you have written. A spell check will not pick up the difference between their and there, or two or too or any similarities like that.

Plan the way you write your articles

When writing any articles you need to start with an introduction to the topic (what your title is about) and try to use your keywords in the title and in the first two or three sentences.

Then in the next few paragraphs describe information for the reader to learn - how to do something, or why to do it, and if needed when to do something.

Finish the article with a conclusion; like in a how to strip and stain a cupboard- explain the final details and include pictures where possible even with step-by-step images.

Images can also earn you money when included in an article. In December with 6 clicks I earned $2.16 from my images, that is not much but if you earn money from writing articles and earn from the images it will all add up over a year.

Good Adsense sites to write articles and earn money

There are many sites that you can write and earn money with Google Adsense. Each site is different so you need to join the site then read all the information on what you can and cannot do.

Never ever ask your friends to click on the adverts in your articles to help your earn money. Google has ways of knowing who clicks on what. This could be through your emails or other. If you are banned from earning from Google it will be for life, no excuses. So you need to tell your well meaning friends not to click on any of the ads on your articles.

Info Barrel- This is a very good site to start your writing career. It will still take you a while to start earning good money but with work you may earn a high income like many others writing for info barrel. This would have to be the most helpful and friendly site that I have ever written from. Info barrel allows you to have 2 external links and as many internal links to other info barrel articles that you write as you want. Here is my referral link if you would like to join info barrel and start writing now.

When you join go to the forum and introduce yourself then if you have any queries just ask and you will get helpful answers. Everyone there will help you with information on how to do things and ways of earning more money. There are not many sites that will share the things they do to earn more money.

Hubpages – This is another good site. Again you need to read the information on correct way to do things. Some sites allow you to show more links than others. Hubpages allows 2 external links. My referral to join hubpages

Xomba – You can use this site to write articles and also use it to create bookmarks from your info barrel or hubpages articles. You can also earn money from Google Adsense from Xomba. If you would like to join Xomba

There are many other sites that you can earn from your writing and you can also learn how to bookmark these articles and earn even more. But first you have to join a writing site and start writing good articles.

Redgage - These pay you with a visa card. So if you have been banned from Google this is one place that you can still earn money writing articles or from uploading all those beautiful travel photos, children photos or photos of anything that catches our eye. As people click on your photo or rate it you will earn, you can also earn money from featured articles. Join Redgage and start promoting your photos

Never ever pay to join a writing site. If they ask for a payment then do not join that site. There is so much information out on the internet on how to find keywords or SEO information without paying for it.

Make money from your Blogs

YouSayToo-If you decide to have your own blog whether it be for a way to sell your own crafts or just to show off your family or any type of hobby then you will want to join YouSayToo as they will get your new blog seen by many more people around the world.


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