Sunday, October 27, 2013

Titans Foot Xray - Can anyone Read these Xrays

Titan - our dog has been limping on and off for about two years.

We have tried all sorts of things to help save him from the pain.
We had him on Fish Oil Capsules. Then we found Rose-hip Vital.  That appeared to work for a few months then he started limping again.

After another trip to the Vet they put him on Previcox 227 mg.  That did not appear to relieve his pain at all.

So we asked to have his leg Xrayed.   Here are the resulting Xrays

The vet said the growth marked is causing the pain. I am wondering if there is also problem on the wrist.

This is the inverse view of his foot. Vet cutting toe off above that joint. The wrist looks darker on this one.
Could that be a problem too.  

This is the lateral view of his foot

Can anyone advise me as to their thoughts on these Xrays.  Would you have your dogs toe cut off going by these Xrays.  Personally I think the other toes are starting to have the same problem on the joint.

Any help would be Appreciated.


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