Thursday, February 29, 2024

Quilting - Add Labels to your Quilt or Not

 The question whether to put labels on your Quilt or not is a personal choice.

I have made hundreds of quilts for a variety of charities.  Sometimes I put a label on and if too busy I don't.

The hard part is finding a way to do it  When doing for charities it is too expensive to have them professionally made.

Therefore I tried several other ways.

I bought a permanent marker and wrote or printed  

   Made with Love 

E Hughes-Northam

Then I ironed each one and washed a couple of times and they stayed in. But my writing was not the best. 

So I used my Ink jet printer 

I stuck a piece of material A4 size to an A4 piece of paper. Then make sure which side the printer will print on before doing anything.

Now go to a word document and decide how you want it to look. I did some writing and some lettering. Then  copied it a couple times on the page. Now print onto material.

Again you need to iron this to set it.

Then I sew them on back on bottom left. 

How do u do labels. I would love to hear your comments.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Scars of Life

 As the years roll on, we collect a lot of assorted scars. Not all of these are visible to the naked eye.

Accidents and injury scars are obvious. Even though you cannot always see them.

Mental Scars are entirely different, you cannot see them. In our days we used to have to just shrug our shoulders and get on with life. Personally I don't think it didn't hurt us, but zi am not medically trained.

Bullying scars can also cause many problems with our kids in school if not dealt with 

There are so many types of scars for more information click HERE

Monday, August 10, 2015

How to Reduce the Need for Magpies to Swoop

Magpies are beautiful and friendly birds if given the chance.  Many people have them as pets in their home.  But they often get abused because they do what comes naturally to them. 

Like all other birds around nesting time, they start looking for materials to build their nests.  

This action can be very frightening especially for children. Therefore, instead of complaining we need to look for simple ways to reduce the need for this.

What can we Do?

Recently I watched the magpies in our area.  We have about four families of magpies around our home and yes they have started looking for nest building materials. We have seen them flying all over the place searching and carrying little bits of pieces back and forth each day.

One day I spotted one family of magpies checking out our palm tree and grabbing bits of palm fibers.

The next morning another magpie was raiding my old washing machine pot of its mulching fibers.

That is what gave me the idea of thinking of ways that we can all help our birds to build their nests. 
If we all planted trees and plants with fibers or left a collection of bits and pieces either in a container or similar for these magnificent birds then it would reduce the need for them to swoop on us.

Would you do something like this to reduce this from happening around nesting time, I hope so.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

How to Lose Weight Burning Calories While Doing your Household Chores

Anyone can save money and lose weight naturally by burning calories while doing their Housework. Did you know - you can burn even more calories by walking back and forth between these chores.
Everyone has to clean their home at least once a week, right? Well with vacuuming, dusting and washing the floors you are losing weight.  Many of us do it daily as it is easier doing a bit at a time.  If you are overweight then this is the ideal and natural way to lose weight, without it costing you a cent for all those weight reduction schemes that often cost you money and nothing else.
A big part of any weight loss idea is burning calories. Therefore why not make your everyday household chores work towards your weight loss.  It is simple when you think about it an important part of losing weight is being more.  I know, house cleaning is boring I hear you say.  No, not if you do it to music.  Instead of dragging your feet from one room to the other with the vacuum cleaner, put on some lively music and jig around using all those lazy muscles that badly need exercise.
Less Surgical reconstructions
Not only will you reduce weight, it will help keep your body healthier reducing the risk of having expensive surgical knee and hip reconstructions.
Washing the dishes
Forget the dish washer wash the dishes by hand and instead of drying a pile of things and putting them in the cupboard all at once. Dry one at a time and try walking sideways put each article away and walk back to the sink and get another. Side stepping movements are good exercises for the muscles and you are burning calories in the process.
Washing the windows
Oh Yuk, I cannot clean windows if you paid me. They end up looking worse than before I started. But nevertheless they need to be done and remember that as you do them you are burning those very important calories and exercising your arms and shoulders.

Washing and Vacuuming the floors
Whether you sweep or vacuum your floors it will make no difference because you are still burning calories. What you need is to put more moving action into this job. If you work with music can jig about as you drag the mop, vacuum or broom across the floors. You can even enjoy this horrible chore for a change instead of dreading it.
When washing your kitchen tiles get down on your hands and knees and give the tiles a real good scrub. Quite often we never see the small marks and stains on our kitchen and bathroom tiles, they will be filthier than you thought.  This is your chance to burn up more calories and give your body more exercise.
Cleaning your Carpets
Why pay someone to clean your carpets when you can do it yourself and lose weight at the same time.  Modern carpet cleaners will save you money and easier to use these days.  Forget about it being hard work your bodies will appreciate the extra exercise.
Hanging out your washing
I know it is cold outside during the winter months and hot in the summer. Although instead of throwing all that washing into the dryer, make yourself walk outside and hang your washing on the clothes line. Your body will love you for exercising your whole back as you bend up and down with each item. So how can that be a bad thing, it isn’t. Even folding the washing is still burning a few more calories.
Collecting the mail
Do not walk to the mail box and straight back inside.  Stop to look at your garden.  Are there any dead flower heads that need picking off? Do this and they will produce a more prolific display of blooms in your garden.  Bend down and pull out a few weeds, by doing a few each day it will prevent doing a big backbreaking chore all at once and you will burn more calories.
Other ways to reduce Weight
Walking and Stairs
Walk with a friend. I understand how you may not feel safe going for a walk on our streets these days. If you have this problem, then why not walk around your own back yard.  Or look around your home and see if you have a few steps or a staircase to climb a few times a day this will help too. There are so many different ways to exercise without costing you anything.
Healthy diet
I know this is a calorie burning article.  If you eat lots of chocolates, pastries, and high calorie foods then you are defeating the purpose.  So remember to eat healthy at the same time as burning those calories and you will definitely see a difference in reducing your weight.
No you do not have to stop eating some of those things, just reduce the intake quantity by using common sense and eat healthier fresh vegetables grown in your own garden.

This is another great way to workout, by digging up a small patch in your yard and plant healthy greens, like broccoli, peas, beans cucumbers and zucchini.  Grow your own and reduce the risk of eating harmful chemicals used on many fruits and vegetables sold in the supermarkets.
By spending ten minutes each week pulling out a few weeds and picking your wonderful produce you have not only burnt more calories you will enjoy eating your own fresh vegetables, eating healthier.
Mowing the lawns and walking the dog will also burn calories and I am sure the dog would really love you more for the effort. No matter what you do around your house, make a conscious effort to put more oomph into the job.  By now you must realize this will reduce weight and give your body the exercise it badly needs to keep your bones and muscles working better.
I know we do not realize how much our bodies need this exercise, when young.  Too often people sit about watching TV or sitting in front of the computer screen that their bodies do not get the needed movement to keep their bodies fit.  You see overweight people every day on the television, some of them can hardly walk because their weight is putting so much stress on their legs and feet.
We all need to take a hard look in the mirror and ask ourselves, am I doing enough exercise to keep my body active.  If the answer is no, (like me) then, how about making the effort before it is toooooo late. Your health will suffer. Can you afford to spend time off work through illness that you could have avoided?

Make yourself a promise, to put in the effort to help your body, now!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Need extra money to help pay those unexpected Bills

Unexpected Bills

It has been hard over the last few years. First it was Covid then the horrible fuel prices and now it is all the interest charge increases.

I really do not know how some people have coped unless two people in the household are working.  Even then a lot of people have already lost jobs and even lost their home which they fought hard to buy in the first place.

Yes the banks are clapping their hands, they really do not care how many people are suffering. Young families are living in their cars or with friends or families if they are lucky to have those choices.  Many others have been turfed out onto the street.

Lack of rentals in Australia have not helped.

Reduce your power Bill

Turn off all electrical appliances when not in use. Yes this can be frustrating, although it will save your money.

Water Rates and usage

Check for leaks- yes I know I don't mean you have to dig up your garden, Just turn off the taps the go to your water meter and listen for any sounds.

Water your garden at night.  That way the plants can enjoy the water without it evaporating in the hot sun during the day.
Add shade cloths where possible and keep pot plants in the shade.

Keep track of your expenses

Consolidate your debts: 
Look for cheaper options on insurances, power bills, registrations before paying the next bill.

 Eat at home.  Be frugal, Look for cheaper cuts of meat.  Shop later in the afternoon when they markdown the prices.  This can save you heaps.  


Cook enough for two or three nights then freeze the extras into plastic reusable containers.
If you have a big oven do not cook pies, then another time heat up something else.
Learn how to cook several meals at once.  This will save you more on your electricity bill.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Titans Foot Xray - Can anyone Read these Xrays

Titan - our dog has been limping on and off for about two years.

We have tried all sorts of things to help save him from the pain.
We had him on Fish Oil Capsules. Then we found Rose-hip Vital.  That appeared to work for a few months then he started limping again.

After another trip to the Vet they put him on Previcox 227 mg.  That did not appear to relieve his pain at all.

So we asked to have his leg Xrayed.   Here are the resulting Xrays

The vet said the growth marked is causing the pain. I am wondering if there is also problem on the wrist.

This is the inverse view of his foot. Vet cutting toe off above that joint. The wrist looks darker on this one.
Could that be a problem too.  

This is the lateral view of his foot

Can anyone advise me as to their thoughts on these Xrays.  Would you have your dogs toe cut off going by these Xrays.  Personally I think the other toes are starting to have the same problem on the joint.

Any help would be Appreciated.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wanted- Ingredients for Date and Ginger Loaf

Recipe for this now found and link provided below

While travelling through Kingaroy we were lucky enough to arrive as they were having their Saturday Markets.

We bought a few bananas and then I noticed a Date and Ginger Loaf. As I love anything with ginger I bought it. When we got back to our caravan and had a cup of coffee I decided to try the new cake.  It was very tasty; in fact my husband said it was the best one he had ever eaten.

He asked, “Were there anymore? If so why not buy another one. 
And yes I hurried back and found another one, just beating another woman to it.  As it turned out the woman that baked them was their and she told me how to make one.  Although, I was not able to get the quantities of ingredients needed as I did not have a biro.

I now have this recipe for this beautiful tasty Naked Ginger and Date Loaf.

If you love ginger then please try this Recipe I am sure you will love it too.