Sunday, June 23, 2024

Ideal Smart Watch for Men and Women


Smart Watch, 1.91"Smartwatch for Men Women (Answer/Make Call), Fitness Tracker with 100+ Sport Modes, IP68 Waterproof, Heart Rate/Sleep Monitor, Spo2, Pedometer, Activity Tracker for Android iOS

This is a great way to keep track of your fitness. Plus, you can make and receive calls with Bluetooth after connecting to your smartphone.
You can also receive notifications for social media messages from Facebook, Instagram and twitter, vibrating alerts.

The Color screen is equipped with a HD Color screen, giving you an exceptional picture quality

It also gives you a 24hour health monitoring with advanced sensors.  Monitors your heart rate in real time and blood oxygen.

This is waterproof although it is not recommended to NOT use in HOT water or SEAWATER

This little beauty has a multifunctional and Long Battery life.  Smart watch for men has multiple functions such as timer, stopwatch, alarm clock, find your phone, sedentary reminder, music control, weather forecast. 

That virtually covers you with everything.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Womens Two-Piece Outfit for Travel Comfort

 We all need to be comfortable when we spend long hours sitting in a car traveling.  That's why I have looked for some things for women like me to travel in comfort.

I found this PrettyGarden Women's Two-Piece Outfit short sleeve pullover with drawstring Long Pants Tracksuit Jogger Set. Designed in classic solid color and simple style so you can wear them separately or mix with different tops or pants. 

The high elastic waist can be adjusted according to your waistline to achieve the best fit. 

You could even wear these for joggers or don't tell anyone your pajamas, or any informal occasions.

These will also make a great special Christmas or Birthday gift. They come in a variety of colors. 

Like anything that you order online READ all the information before ordering to make sure you also order the right sizes.

Warmer Womens Wear

Pink queen Women's 2-Piece Outfits Sweater Set Long Sleeve Crop Knit Top and Wide Leg Long Pants Sweatsuit.

  • The Pullover top has a crewneck crop sweater, oversized loose style, batwing puff long sleeves plus it could also be warn off the shoulder.
  • The high waisted wide legs, elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring and casual style.
  • These are handwash or machine washable on the gentle cycle.
  • Machine washable or handwash, in cold water, gentle cycle, not shrinking.
  • Fashionable to wear anywhere or even lounge around at home in.

As I said above read all the information on the ads as sizes could be different.  Have fun lounging about in one of these.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Wearable Fitness Health and Activity Trackers

 There are so many ways that we can actually track our fitness these days.  It makes you wonder if we all had these would it stop us from having heart attacks and other problems.   I think anything that can warn or prepare us like this Health Tracker must be a good idea.

That is why I have tried to pick out a few of these things for anyone to have a look at.  If you have any ideas on these products, then let me know what you think in the comments section below if you would like to.

This one is the WHOOP with 12 month subscription.  It is a Wearable health, fitness and Activity Tracker.  It has Continuous monitoring and performance optimization. Improve sleep, strain and Heart rate tracking.

This Captures unlimited medical-grade EKG's in 30 seconds and will get and instant analysis on your smartphone.  It is small enough to fit in your pocket so you can take it anywhere with you.

The Activity Tracker is Simple to Use - Just place your fingers on the sensors to detect atrial fibrillation and normal sinus rhythm.

EKG History- With the press of a button, email your EKG's to your doctor or save them to your phone.

Works with most tablets and phones. Like with anything read all the information before buying as to what is included in this product.

Smart Watch for Women   Alexa, Bluetooth call, receive text 1.8 Inches smartwatch heart rate sleep monitor for Android iOS phones, Waterproof Fitness Tracker Watch.

This smart watch allows you to answer and make calls on your wrist with it Bult in speakers and Bluetooth connection. You can also email, SMS and use Facebook.

Alexa has a built-in assistant so you can ask for things like weather, find phone, music control and other features. 

Smart Sport watches for women are equipped with high performance optical sensors, it records steps, calories and monitors heart rate and blood oxygen.

Like with anything make sure you read all the details before buying anything.

Friday, March 22, 2024

When Travelling the Elderly Need a Phone

It is important when travelling to have a phone with you. You don't have to buy an expensive phone, although you need it to be reliable with a decent size keyboard.  As we age our fingers are more fragile and our hands often shake so that's why you need a larger keyboard.

This phone that I have picked out would be a nice gift for an elderly person, or even as a second phone for a partner.  It is a F2FTlk Reno 10 phone.  It is not expensive with a 5.0inch Display screen.

This Reno Phone is loaded with the most stable smooth Android system 9.0 which means it has less bugs than the newer ones. The bonus with this phone is you don't have to upgrade the system. And you can still download a few of your favorite apps. Plus, you can still add another memory card to expand it to a 128GB. You can actually add 2 nano SIM card and a memory card.  And it is compatible with all pre-pay SUM cards except for CDMA carrier.

It comes with a Dual SIM, a Dual Camera.

The Reno Phone Battery is a3000 mAh very efficient. I can be charged in 3 to 3-1/2 hours and provide 7 days standby time. Plus you have good after-sales service.

This may be helpful check it out if interested, even for a second phone.

Large Key Wired Telephone has an Adjustable Ring Tone with a large warning light at the bottom so you will no longer miss any calls and it comes with an adjustable earpiece Volume.

This Large keypad is ideal as the very hard to see person can clearly see the numbers to dial a number which will avoid them calling a wrong number like with smaller numbered keyboards.

This also helps when answering calls as you can still adjust the volume for the impaired person.

The Large Key Wired Phone is connected to line power and the added benefit is that if the power fails you can still communicate with your loved one or use for any emergency.

  • This Large Key Wired Telephone is Ideal for the elderly, although I would suggest that you still read all the information before buying anything.

Monday, March 18, 2024

Don't Waste Money Buying Coffee Make your Own

 It amazes me how many people waste money buying coffees.  Why? I must be dumb, because it only takes a couple of minutes and saves you a lot of dollars at the end of the month.  So, think how much you would save if you made your own.  

Whether you are going to work, or travelling around the countryside in your caravan there are so many ways to make great coffee and save money. 

We love to travel, so every morning we make a thermos of coffee before we start out the day.  Then when we stop at a lovely place all we have to do is get the cups and pour our coffee. Simple!

#Thermos Flask 

This is an ideal size 1.2 ltr Stainless Steel Thermos Flask, not too big and not too heavy to lift and pour. 

It will keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours. It comes with a twist and pour stopper, therefore no need to remove the stopper and spill your drink in the process. Plus, the outside is cool to touch.  The stainless-steel cup is also insulated so it will not burn you.

#Coffee Maker 

If you prefer to make your own with your own BUY NOW Sunbeam coffee maker, then we have you covered with that too.
This has a one-tough control panel which allows anyone to choose and expresso, cappuccino or latte coffee. This is so easy it takes the hard work out of making any coffee.

Just turn the dial to select how frothy you like your coffee and the automatic frother does the rest.

It comes with and easy to fill water tank that holds a removable 2 liters of water. Plus, it will take any size coffee cup.

I can smell it brewing from here.

For those oldies like me that prefer to make our own (actually my husband makes me one every morning. I know I am spoilt, and I do appreciate it) then we have you covered too.

#Mocha Coffee Sachets 

This is an ideal way of buying them bulk. These Mocha Coffee sachets come in a 40 pack, 4x10 pack. Although you can always buy 2 if one is not enough. Plus they come in a variety of wonderful flavors.

Oh, if you would prefer more froth on your coffee then check this out

I think that just about covers everything for now, although if you need information on anything else just leave me a note in the comments page. Cheers

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Replace Lights with LED's in Caravan if Free Camping

 If you are thinking of Free Camping, then you need to think of ways to save your power.  LED lights and globes are the way to go.

There are all different sorts of globes for the interior of your van, plus there are different types of lighting strips for the outside that can be fixed to the awnings or on the sides of the caravan.

We Will Start with the Interior First 

LED 12 v Ceiling Lights

You can replace your normal light with these saving you power. All these have 72 bulbs of white light which will consume 10w of efficiency to save power. LED 12 v Ceiling lights.

These are also easy to install with 2-way surface mounting. Install with double sided tape which sticks onto interior or with screws.

Interior lighting
12v bed Head Reading Lights

These are really fantastic, simply because you can fast charge your phone or laptop while sitting up in bed. It saves spaces and does 2 jobs with one light. 12-volt Bed Head Reading Lights 

Plus, it is also a touch light. What more could you want?  These are easy to install by drilling two holes in the wall, which means it is attached firmly to your wall.  There is also a switch button on the control panel.

Aren't these cute? Ideal Two in One

12 Volt Strips

These are ideal for use under the awning on your caravan, not only does it light your whole annex area it is stuck to the awning, so it folds away with the awning.  No need to pack anything away.

These can also be cut every 3 LEDs so you can shorten when needed or you can add a whole new strip.
Plus, with its self-adhesive backing it is easy to install. 12volt Outside strip lights 

And yes, it is safe to use and will really save on power. Runs with a 12v adaptor (this not included)

Comes in 2 different colours

Now all we need is a few Solar lights to put around your van, so no one trips over your guide ropes. Thes are ideal as you leave them out in back of car during the day and they are charged up to keep your safe at night.
These little beauties come in a pack of 12 but you can use the others in your garden at home.

So, this should have to covered and ready to travel on your next free camping trip without having to worry about using to much power.  Well, that is of course if you have solar panels setup on the roof of your van and car but that's for another day. 
If you have any queries just leave a comment below.  Have a safe trip.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Eyebrow Liquid growth and L'Oreal Serum Foundation

Tonight is that special night. So, you want to look your best, then this will give you a dramatic and natural change to your eyebrows. 

#Eyebrow Growth Liquid

The eyebrow enhancer has a large volume that can be used many times. While the Essence liquid will stimulate your eyebrow growth unlike what the other products use, it helps to nourish and moisturize and increase brow density.

It will restore those brittle brows with the eyebrow enhancement liquid that nourishes and conditions thin, brows and giving them a healthier growth.

Our eyebrow solution contains botanical ingredients, promoting eyebrows to grow naturally and make your eyebrows thicker.  Check this out here 

#Your Special Night Out Foundation 

Now we need to give you that perfect skin tone for your glamorous night out. 

L'Oreal Paris serum foundation Hydrates and smooths True Match Nude Plumping serum 30ml.

Product Information 

  • This Hydrating liquid make-up combines the best of a foundation and a serum. 
  • This will give you a natural even complexion and luminous skin coverage.  
  • To apply: shake the bottle and apply 2-3 drops on your palm and spread lightly with your fingertips.
  • This is also suitable for your sensitive skin.

I hope you have a wonderful night out with the help of these products.