Thursday, August 22, 2013

Who said traveling was fun- except when we are freezing in our van

Well we are nearly at the end of our second trip around Australia, and we have seen some really great sights and beautiful things.

But I have to say that freezing our butts off is not included in that part.  I love the heat and hate the cold so can you imagine our shock when we froze all night at a little place called Wallabadah just out from Musselbrook in New south Wales.

I am dinkum. It was minus 8 degrees and not only were we freezing our dogs bowl of water in our caravan was a half inch thick with ice.
and the car and caravan were also covered in ice. we could not even pump any water out of our water tanks they were frozen too.

Luckily we always carry spare water in our car as we would not have been able to make a coffee otherwise. So keep this in mind when you are next on holidays always have spare water because you never know when or why you may need it.

It was so cold we just jumped in the car and turned the heaters on and did not even stop for a shower until we got a bit warmer further down the road.


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