Monday, March 29, 2010

Traveling opens your mind and your eyes

Traveling is like going to school
You learn something different every day
Whether you wake up to sun or find yourself in a pool
There is a new challenge for you each day

We travel all day avoiding oncoming cars
and stop to rest near a cluster of trees
we make camp under the moon and stars
and rise with the sun feeling refreshed and free

You can see different insects, animals and birds
A variety of wildflowers and colors that bloom in spring
There are camels and horses roaming in herds
Someone special might surprise you with a ring

The scenery can be exotic or mild
As you roam over hills and dales
Our shores can be beautiful or wild
or blow into a buggar of a gale

We travel everywhere with our mate
some people dont like mates on four legs
so we continue on until quite late
to find a bed for us all without having to beg

The main thing is enjoy our life we are in
you never know what life has in store for us
so wake up open your eyes and breath in
that beautiful fresh air knowing your alive and with us

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