Anyone looking for different ways to earn money can do so without any cost at all
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 These links are all free to join:

RedGage allows you to earn money by uploading your photos, written articles and bookmarks leading back to your other written articles:
  • You can earn money when people view your content or leave comments
  • Win a contest Every day (at midnight) one winner will receive a $25.00 prize.
  • They also select Featured articles which earn even more
  • Best of all they pay you with a Visa Card to spend anywhere as you wish
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Earn Money Writing for InfoBarrel

This is a another way to earn money from your own home even while you sleep.  If you can write articles on anything at all then you can earn money with InfoBarrel.

You are paid from:
  • earn from clicks on the Google adverts on your articles
  • earn from amazon affiliates
  • earn from chitika 
  • monthly contests

Here are a few ideas for articles to write:
  • your personal experiences that happened to you
  • Explain how to do something to help others
  • Suggest better ways to grow vegetables
  • Health remedies
  • In fact you can write about anything at all 

I believe it is also important to go to the forum and introduce yourself then ask if you have a question and someone is bound to help you as they are a real friendly bunch over there.

If you think you can do that then why not join Info Barrel now and start earning money

Earn money Writing for Hubpages:

Anyone can earn money by writing at home in their own time for Hubpages. Write on any subject and add pictures.  Articles need to be at least 500words.

You can earn money from:
  • Google adsense when people click on the adverts on your articles
  • Amazon affiliates
  • They have daily writing contests
Wherever you write you need to read the do's and dont's of all the sites as they have certain rules you need to abide from.

If you would like to write and earn here then join Hubpages now