Monday, September 17, 2012

Travel the Oodnatta Outback Track in South Australia

Have you ever thought of being adventurous and really looking at Australia's Outback.  If so then this is the trip to do. Today we have modern vehicles so it is not hard to do this trip.  Although could you imagine having to do this with a horse and cart?

Do not be scared off by the variety of locals you will come across on your trip.  Personally I think I would prefer riding a horse than a camel.  Although when you think about it, water is still short out there even today and these camels can travel for miles after having a drink.

 This is looking across the Algebuckina Bridge on the Ghan Railway.   The Great Northern Railway Opened in Port Augusta in 1878. In the 1940's the Ghan railway carried thousands of troops back and forth.  Train traffic increased from 3 trains a week to 56 trains.

You will see many old relics and ruins like the remains of this part of the Old Ghan Railway.

Edmund Gerald Kruse (known as Tom) carried all the mail, stores, medical supplies and fuel from Marree in North to South Australia along the Birds-ville track in Queensland. He survived these trips through floods and  breakdowns.  These trips would take him up to two weeks depending on weather and breakdowns.

So if you think this road is bad today then give a thought to Tom Kruse delivering the mail back then.

We did this trip in a Destiny pop top Caravan in 2008 and loved it.  We recently did from Coober Pedy to William Creek to Oodnadatta and out to Marla.  We did it driving a Nissan and towing the Jayco Caravan in the picture below.  So you do not have to do it tough these days.  Although you need to drive with caution and conditions of the road.  Beware of rain as you could be stranded for up to weeks at a time in rainy seasons.

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