Monday, September 24, 2012

Creative Wall and Window Decor Ideas for your Home

Fake or Faux Windows open up a Room

Have you ever thought of jazzing up a room that is a bit drab by adding a different feature on a bare wall.  A fake or faux window will not only appear larger it can make it brighter at the same time.

Could you imagine knitting in a chair facing a window with a seaside scene.  Wouldn't that brighten up your day?

Now this one below does not look exactly like a window although with a bit of work through a photo program you could make it look like one. This is a peaceful view beside a river just to relax you while you work on your computer.

How do you think this one looks. Fancy waking up in the morning to a sunrise scene coming through your fake window.   You can dress up fake window panes with a set of drapes fitted across the top, which would make it just like a real window.

You can buy faux window decors from amazon, in a variety of styles with backgrounds and scenes from all over the world.  If this has created your inquisitive nature then  find out what it would really look like and see how it would enhance any room in your home.


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