Saturday, September 15, 2012

Can you sell your old photos - Store Photos for Records in History

 The above Photo shows the old Tricycles

Can you sell your old photos?
Yes,  Although it would depend on the subject in the Photos- These may be worth protecting:

War Photos showing regiments, or historical backgrounds
Old farming photos with the various farming equipment
Photos of old historical landmarks no longer there.
Celebrity photos
Sporting champions and memorabilia - signed would be worth even more 
Memorable events

Selling your Old Picture Post Cards
You would need to know how old these are. Quite often they have postage stamps on the back, these may have a date stamped on them, which will prevent wrong guesses.

Old Post card with Travel information
Old Historical buildings
War Post cards

 The above photo shows old baby clothing and Old Style Chair

Store photos for Records in history

If you have ever looked into searching for your family history, then you will understand how important it is to look after and keep your family photos in pristine condition.

Records of photos
We have all gone to a variety of places and looked at numerous historical photos.  If those historians had not kept all those memorable articles, records in good condition then you would have nothing to look back on.

If you do not want your old photos then you may be able to donate them to your council, library or other places, rather than see them destroyed.

Places where you see old photos 
If no one looked after all those old photos there would be nothing left for us to know how hard life was way back hundreds of years ago.

Family History Records -Genealogy sites
Museums - Keep records of animals, insects, and human activity
Hospitals - medical records of staff and medical equipment  
Town councils- Keep photos of the changes of towns over the years
Libraries - Have a variety of books full of historical information

I hope this article will encourage you to look after your photos, because your children may treasure them even though they do not show interest in them know.  Give them time- they may realize how precious they really are as they themselves age.

Keep them in Photo Albums or saved on external hard drives and thumb drives.  Electronics change so storing on DVD's is not a good option


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