Friday, January 6, 2012

Ideas to Earn Money at Home with a New Home Business

Have you ever wondered how you could contribute to the household income? Because you are a stay at home mum without any qualifications and lack confidence you don't think you could make it work.  That is where you are wrong.  Anyone can earn money at home and start their own home business even though you have no qualifications.

Without realizing it we have all gained experience of one sort or another throughout our lives and it is that experience which will be enough to get you started. Without a diploma in accountancy you may not be able to start up an accountancy business and do tax returns, although there are literally hundreds of other things you can do.

For instance; a mother has experience with children so she could start a child minding service. In the beginning you could mind a friends child to see how you cope. If your children are at school then you could start a house cleaning service.
Each of the following ideas will depend on your particular experience:
Pet sitting and pet walking service: People are always going on holidays and cannot take pets. That's where you come in. You can either mind their dog or cat at your home or go and feed and exercise their pets in their home.
Baby sitting and house cleaning service: You would need to make sure you have good insurance in case you break a precious piece of china it could cost you a fortune.
Bookkeeping and secretarial service: This could include doing resumes, word processing documents, copy writing and numerous other services. If you do not have bookkeeping qualifications you could start slowly and employ someone to do the more complicated work.
Weeding and Gardening service: Many women have made a success of this and yes it is hard work although it gives you the chance of being out in the fresh air.
Silk Screen Printing Home Business: This is a great business to start from home although being able to draw would be an advantage.
Gift basket home Business: This would not require any qualifications, except for a little imagination and the ability to arrange items or flowers.
Cake Decorating Home Business: Anyone can take a cake decorating course at college to gain experience at decorating all types of cakes.
Sewing and alterations home business: If you can sew and replace a zip then this could be a good way to earn money from home. You could also buy a machine to embroider motifs on shirts, hats for different businesses.
Wedding and Invitation home business: The main thing you will need for this is a good computer and printer and the program to do it.
Drop Shipping home business: This could be done by selling on eBay and many other auction sites.
Garage Sales at home: Many people go out and buy things cheap from flea markets or other garage sales and resell them for a profit.
Work at home writing articles on the internet:Anyone can do this as all you will need is a computer and an internet connection. Like anything you still have to work hard writing lots of articles.
Earn money selling home made crafts: This could be very interesting because you can sell the things you love to make yourself and earn money in the process.
That is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other things you can do from your own home to earn money with a little bit of imagination.

Before you start getting too excited you need to think about the pros and cons of working from home. Oh yes, that's right. If you don't work – there is no holiday or sick pay. So everyone needs to think about that before starting.


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