Thursday, June 30, 2011

Writing articles to help you decide which type of Creative Writing you prefer

Everyone that has ever thought about becoming a writer may wonder which type of writing would suit them best.

 If this is the case then this article may be of interest to you.  As you can imagine there are a lot of poets around the world although finding the correct place to have your masterpiece could be harder to find than actually writing the poem.

Then again you may not have the correct dialogue techniques to write a short story so you could start off right at the beginning and learn "how to earn money from writing short sentences and fillers".  This is a great way to start by sending little bits and pieces off to local magazines, or give your views on different subjects

Writing children's books
Have you ever thought about writing for children or if you are good at drawing you could add pictures to a book? "Writing fiction books for kids of all ages". These are not as easy as it might sound as kids can be very good at picking out your mistakes.  You also need to listen to their different sayings and keep up to date with the times and slang remarks.

Writing stories for Radio stations

Have you ever thought about "Writing for radio stations"  There is quite a few radio stations that have story readings, if you think that this could be your forte then give it a go although you need to do your research and find out exactly how to go about it.  Contact the stations before you waste time writing your masterpiece and ask white type of stories they accept.  You would not want to go to the trouble of writing a story that they would not accept.

That will give you a few ideas, although if you are still interested in learning more about other forms of writing then why not read earn money writing articles for the internet.


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