Saturday, October 9, 2010

Create your own Cheap Christmas gifts with sea shells

What better way to create cheap Christmas gifts than to use our own shells from the ocean and even better they are free. By using your creativity to can come up with some unique ideas of making beautiful ornaments and novelties.

Check out this article for suggestions on ways to create your own. Your friends and family will love something that you have created with your own hands rather than rushing out and buying something that you really could not afford in the first place.

How to make a photo frame like this:

Select a frame with a flat surface. Take glass out and sandpaper surface to make sure it is clean.
Place shells around the frame to see how it will look. When satisfied glue on using heat gun.
You can spray paint with gloss to keep natural shell appearance. Or you can spray with white then sprinkle on the extra decorative shiny sparkles.

How to make a Christmas Table Centre piece or as a Wall Photo Frame 

You will need to buy a foam wreath from a craft shop, a glue gun, clear gloss spray and of course heaps of shells.

Start on in the middle on one side then work your way over wreath to fill one end gluing shells in place. Be careful when gluing not to dislodge shells you have already fixed to wreath.  If necessary leave to dry after doing one end.

Take care not to have shells overlapping the edge on the back as it will not sit flat if shells protrude outside the back of frame. Use a mixture of larger shells and then fill in spaces with smaller shells.

When satisfied, spray with clear gloss paint for natural look. If making from older shells spray with the colour paint to suit the decor of room.

You could also place a mirror behind either of the above and have a decorative wall mirror.  There are literally hundreds of way to use shells if you use your imagination. You can buy craft seashells from amazon if not anywhere near a beach.

An Added bonus is the fact that if you walk miles to collect these shells then you will lose weight and fit at the same time while out in the fresh air.  What more could you want.


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