Sunday, August 1, 2010

Earn Money by Uploading your Photos to RedGage

Some people are real shutter bugs, they take photos of anything and everything if you are one of these people or if you think that your photos are unique or funny why not put them up on RedGage

Or maybe you have taken heaps of photos of your family and of course your pets then why not upload them on RedGage. By doing this you can earn money when people comment on them.

When you go hiking or take photos while touring and see something unusual then capture it for your RedGage site and earn more money. The wild flower season is about to start in Western Australia, and we have people coming from all over the world to see them.

If you are one of these lucky people then make sure you bring your camera and take some happy snaps of our beautiful flowers and wildlife.

You can also earn money by adding bookmarks to other articles you have written on another site. You can write new articles on RedGage or add videos. You can also link your Facebook and twitter accounts. Have your webpage or blogs added and have people tune into these sites.

Once you have reached $25 RedGage pays you with Visa Card, or you can leave it longer if you would rather.

Why not check it out, and start earning money for your Christmas shopping and refer all your friends to come over and join in the fun too

All it takes is clicking on the above link, then registering and start uploading your photos straight away. Don't forget to comment on other members pictures and invite your friends to join and add RedGage friends to your friends list when you are online.


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