Monday, June 7, 2010

Esperance is Western Australia’s Bay of Isles

Esperance is known in Western Australia as the Bay of Isles for its beautiful white sandy beaches. Beautiful scenic views along its coastline overlook the many small islands. Many painters have tried to capture the color of the rocky outcrops with a backdrop to the outstanding blue of the ocean.

Pink Lake is truly a beautiful sight to behold with its dense saltwater that reflects the sunrise and sunset and yes it really is a pink lake.

Esperance is situated 721 kilometers from the Capital of Perth and a four hour drive from Kalgoorlie. Therefore it attracts many travelers on holidays, south from Kalgoorlie to its glorious beaches and fishing resorts.

The Esperance Museum

Esperance can boast that they have part America’s Space project in there Museum after it landed there in the 1970’s. It sits alongside many of their older farming equipment used on farms in the area. Even today, it produces wheat, sheep and cattle from it many farms as well as a healthy living from tourism. Tourists are attracted to Esperance by its beautiful white sandy beaches, and its fishing industry.

Twilight Cove, Salmon Bay are two of the must see beaches of these southern shores; also visit many of the smaller islands around the coast. Woody Island is open to the public via a ferry from Esperance. This area has a profusion of wildlife, as well as sea lions, dolphins, seals, sea eagles and also whales can be seen as they migrate to their southern most breeding areas.

Cape Le Grand National Park is well worth a look and offers the keen walkers a choice of different tracks to enjoy depending on how fit they are you could take a six to eight kilometer trail.

The Great Ocean drive takes a circular loop covering 38 kilometers along the beautiful shores and past the wind farms at Salmon beach. This is one your must see things to do while in this stunning town.

Esperance has a lot to offer the tourist to their town although at times it can be a very windy place even though it is so beautiful.


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